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PIE 334


Industry standard replaces Altek 334

For order quantity more than 50, please feel free to request wholesale quotation

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Just Like an Old Friend – A dependable milliamp loop calibrator

  • Calibrate Milliamp Instruments
    Source 0.00 to 24.00 mA & -25.0 to 125.0% of 4-20 mA
    Read 0.00 to 52.00 mA
    Read -99.99 to 99.99 V
    Simulate 2-Wire Transmitters; Power & Read 2-Wire Transmitters
  • Calibrate with Confidence
    Accurate to ±0.025% of Span at 4.00 & 20.00 EZ-CHECK outputs
  • Use in the Plant, Field or Shop
    Includes Rubber Boot and Attached Test Leads; Low profile switches resist accidental damage
  • Simple Battery Changes
    Separate compartment for no-tool battery changes with four inexpensive “AA” batteries
  • Optional Accessories
    AC Adaptor 120V (020-0101); 240V (020-0100); Deluxe Hands Free Carrying Case (020-0211); NiMh Batteries & Charger 100 to 240 VAC (North American Plug)/ (020-0103)

Improvements over 334 milliamp loop calibrators from other manufacturers include better longer term stability, accuracy, reliability & ruggedness plus improved battery life. PIE Model 334 is the perfect replacement for your worn out milliamp calibrators!

Key features

Advantages of the PIE 334 over the Altek 334 and Altek 334A milliamp loop calibrator

  • Backlit Display with Larger Digits
    Easier to read in dark areas of the plant
  • More Resistant to Accidental Damage
    Rubber Boot and Stronger Switches
  • Separate Battery Compartment with 4 “AA” Batteries
    No more removing housing with screwdriver to replace three expensive 9V batteries. Calibration seals remain intact.
  • Calibrate More Devices Between Battery Changes
    Drives more loop instruments at 24 Volts (up to 1200 Ohms) for entire battery life. The Altek 334 output voltage drops as the batteries run down.
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration
    All PIE Calibrators come with a free signed and dated certificate. Altek calibrators come only with an unsigned Statement of Calibration Practices with a certificate of calibration available for an extra charge.